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A photography workshop for mums who simply cant get a decent photo of their kids.


Motherhood, its filled with the most beautiful moments. First smiles, first birthday candles, first time on a bike - you run to grab your camera and while your fumbling with the memory card and the settings desperately trying to immortalize your child in this beyond perfect state- you miss the shot. Shit.

Every mum has been in this situation before…

Your frustrated, the photo is gone and you didn’t even get to experience the real life moment because you couldn’t get the stupid camera to work. You brought this camera thinking because you paid a lot of money for it- it should take amazing shots, and your disappointed to discover that it doesn’t create magic all on its own. Rather then feeling joyful about the amazing moment that just happened, your irritated, annoyed and defeated. No one needs that!


Before you throw your expensive camera in it’s bag and into the back of the cupboard and to yourself think, maybe I can sell it on gumtree later…

There is a solution to your woes!

What if you could take a simple yet fun filled workshop along side like minded mums that teaches you how to use your camera to capture those dreamy photos of your kids you always imagined?


is a workshop dedicated to the wanna be mum-tographers out there that purchased an DSLR camera with the intention of documenting there babies childhood- but never got around to actually learning how to use the dam thing.


Who is the teacher?

Hi I am Kendell, girl boss at Kendell Tyne Photography and mum to my crazy energetic 2 year old Luka. I am fortunate enough to have been photographing families and couples for over 10 years and in that time I have found that spontaneity and naturally beautiful moments is what I live for. (Along with smiles that show way to many teeth) I ditched over posed family portraits a long time ago, and I am all about documenting the true personalities and stories that make up my families worlds.

Having my son reignited my passion for this sort of story telling,

but even I struggle at times to remember to pick up the camera…


As a mum I know… This sort of thing happens all the time- your not alone! You’re a mum, shit happens. You often miss taking a photo because you are picking shit up, or breaking shit up, or as a mum you know sadly you can be dealing with actual shit. 

Its safe say that #realmumlife and all its everyday charms gets in the way of all of those beautiful memories you were planning on documenting when you went out spent all that money on a fancy pants camera!


So rather then waiting for the pinterest perfect moment (that never seems to happen) to pick your camera and photograph your kids, this workshop will teach you the technical basics to make the most of your DSLR. It will also encourage you to embrace those real moments that make up your everyday. You know, the messy ones where your kid has more food on his face then in his mouth or the inevitable tantrum she chucks because she wanted to wear gumboots and a tutu to school? But also those moments when your kids have stopped ruining your house for 5 seconds and for a shining moment you think that they are literally the light of this world…

  All of these moments will at some point (in the not to distant future as every old lady at supermarket likes to remind me) will soon be simply memories, and in the chaos that is raising family it is so important to drink up these precious moments and document them before you miss the first or the last time they happen. 


Some of the topics that we will cover:

-Cut the “cheeeese”. How to tell your families “real” story and find inspiration in your everyday

- transitioning from auto mode to manual

-What the heck is an Exposure Triangle?  ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed

-Creating those dreamy blurry backgrounds

-Creating sharp, in focus shots of your kids

-Lighting, how to do deal with shadows and backlighting

-And to cap it all off, a live shoot of an actual wild child (my son) and a q & a session

Oh and yes, there will be snacks and champagne, you’re a mum- you deserve it.

This course is not about …….

-Phone photography. This course is aimed at mums with DSRL camera’s (camera’s that you can remove the lens)

-starting a photography business. This workshop is an introductory level course aimed at beginners.

-Editing and post production… this is rather large topic in its own right- I offer private classes for this.

-props and flash photography. This workshop is about using natural light and real life situations. The course is based around documenting your family as authentically as possible!  


This book/workshop is not only a practical guide to getting that camera off auto-mode but how to use your camera manually to create the images that you imagine in your head.

After this workshop, Not only will you have the technical know-how, but you will have the confidence to pick up your expensive camera and create beautiful images that you will cherish. This workshop will  help you to be inspired by your crazy tribe,  see your family in a new and unique light and to be fulfilled by the everyday mum moments that are so easy to forget (because surely we all have brain damage from lack of sleep).  



Date: 26th May 2019 10am-1pm

Location: Kincumber Mountain Kiosk (see map)


-3 hour workshop

- See Kendell shoot- a live photography session

- Invitation to private facebook group to ensure you keep learning after the workshop.

-Post workshop photo challenge and photo critique by Kendell to help you improve your new craft.

-snacks and champers!


All of this for the special introductory price of $120


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I am so excited to have you with me!