Vita The Skin Whisperer- My personal experience.


One of the luminaries of the skincare world, Vita Catanzariti is a highly renowned skincare professional whose leading treatments and superior results have earned her the name, the “Skin Whisperer”.

She is a highly trained Dermal Therapist and Laser Safety Officer and delivers completely customised and tailored approaches to every individual skin concern, while ensuring her treatments aren’t just another “quick fix”.

I started seeing this lovely lady last year when I was having crazy problems with my skin. The combination of stress, hormones and having a camera jammed to my face was causing my face to look more like that of a pubescent teenager then a woman in her late 20's! Not only that, I wanted to start investing in the longevity of my skin- its amazing how early on you begin to see the signs of sun damage, general aging and maybe even evidence of working and playing just a little to hard! In the past, I have always found having facials somewhat intimidating, and I have often seen my skin looking worse as a result of treatments that have not be tailored to my needs. 

Coastal Plastic Surgery is a beautiful facility, it is sophisticated and exudes professionalism, and before you begin to think that it may start to sound a little sterile, you are greeted by the gorgeous and ever friendly Deb and the front desk. After my first few visits with Vita, I knew that she had mapped out a unique tailored plan for my immediate and future skin care. She dealt with my current issues which have included acne, pigment, enlarged pores and fine lines, educated me on how to better care for my skin now and how to keep my complexion youthful as aging takes over. The treatments are beautifully indulgent, but its not just about slapping creams and potions, she targets my personal skin concerns with the most advanced  and up to date products and treatment therapies. I can confidently recommend this lovely lady- she has brought my skin back to life countless times, and I know my face is always in extremely capable and knowledgeable hands. 

For treatment enquires please contact Vita at Coastal Plastic Surgery on (02) 4363 6900  or visit her website





Say Hello to Jess- Mimosa Floral Designs

Say Hello to Jess- Mimosa Floral Designs

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