Last minute tips for amazing Incredible wedding photos

The vendors are booked, you have your dress, your wedding is just around the Corner-eiiiiip!

So by now you probably have a list as long as you of things to do before the wedding.  These tips are certainly not designed to stress you out any further, rather, help you out with those little things that you are most likely loosing sleep over, and you don’t even know why!

Tips for pre wedding prep

Before your photographers arrival- it helps to have all of your important bits and pieces available so nothing gets missed in the rush of the day. Things to consider having put aside:

HIS : shoes, ring/rings, ring box, bowtie or tie, tie clip, pocket square, watch, cuff links, vows, heirlooms, groomsman gifts or gifts/letters from bride.


HERS: Invitation suite (including menu’s, place cards, boutineer) shoes, ring(s), ring box, bracelets, earrings, necklace, hair pieces, vow, garter, heirlooms etc. 

In Addition: 1) If there are any textured / sentimental details that you love that you feel like would make great accent items to your detail shots then feel free to throw those in there (lace, crystals, miniature plants, pretty rocks, anything of significance!!).


2) Please have your dress on a cute hanger. If you didn’t buy one specifically for the wedding, that’s okay! Any nice wooden hanger will do just fine :)


Please attempt to have shoes unboxed- and avoid putting on heel stopers and gel inserts on until everything has been photographed. Have all dresses/suits unpacked from bags/plastic sleeves, price tags and unnecessary packaging removed. Doing this during photo time is time consuming and creates potential clutter in your photo’s.

Try and have the outfits and trinkets all together rather then spread out across the house, that way I don’t have to be bothering you every 5 seconds trying to locate everything!

For boys I asked them to be showered and shaved before I arrive, they do not have to be dressed, but just ready to start.

If you have Bridal party gifts or Bride/groom gift or letter exchange please hold of on doing this till I arrive at your place, it’s a wonderful photo op. 

M&R (92 of 582).jpg

Family Shots

By now you have likely sent through a list of family photographs you would like taken after the ceremony. Family photo’s can be a little painful if not organised properly. In my experience, it is worth getting the celebrant to make an announcement towards the end of the ceremony to let immediate family know that photographs will be taken shortly after the ceremony so dont wander off. Often the time period to get these photos done is short- so I suggest letting those who are to be in family photos know prior to the wedding that they are involved. The whole process will be smoother, and you wont be eating into your artistic location shots.


Location shoot

A handy little tip- if you venue or car service does not provide this, make sure you have drinks (water and grog!) and snacks packed in an eski, you and your bridal party will be thankful to have this with you in between ceremony and the reception.


Other things to consider is confetti, smoke bombs or sparkers for a sparkler exit, these items are definitely not necessary, but can be fun and exciting items to add to your wedding coverage. For venues who don’t allow confetti/rose petals, consider biodigradeable confetti, felt pom poms,  ribbon wands

Eco confetti available HERE


Below is an example of simple felt balls used as confetti, available at most craft and discount stores.


Smoke bombs are available HERE


The best sparklers are the extra long ones, they are brighter and last longer and don’t forget matches/lighters! There are available HERE or often you can pick them up on ebay.


 Reception tips

I will do my very best to get reception room shots before the guests enter, however, it is helpful to find out what time the venue or stylist will be finished setting up your reception and what time the guests are expected to enter- it is much easier to get beautiful images of your decorations before your guests enter the room. 


final words of Advice…

I can’t say it enough: your wedding day will fly by so make the most of every second. It doesnt matter how meticulously you plan your wedding, there will be some things that just happen that are out of your control/ So what if it’s a little rainy? So what if your mum is being a stress head? It’s really not the end of the world so try not to let it ruin your day.

The most important part is that you get to marry the love of your life in the presence of those you love most in the world. Everything else is mere decoration. Your attitude will determine how much you enjoy the day, as well as your guests. Remember - everyone is there for you and will most likely go out of their way to make sure you have the best day imaginable. Keep calm, keep smiling and I guarantee you and your love will have the time of your life.