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The first year of parenthood is no doubt a roller coast. Your baby is learning how to human, and your practically a passenger on their crazy little journey. Little Tommy has not long turned 1, and the Lathem's decided is was time to have there first family photo shoot. We started in the family home, any one with young kids know that home life is such a massive part of your first year with your baby, and no matter where you end up in the future, documenting your first family home is such a special thing- once the kids are grown, there will never be time like this again in your life. After we ticked that box, we location jumped to some beautiful waterside locations around their Saratoga home so that Tommy could have some exploring time.

Can I just say, I dont know how Gabby and Jimmy jammed so much cuteness, energy and personality into one little being. His little smile lights you up from the inside- and I just had so much fun hanging out with them all.