Sunshine in the Rain: Meet Adelaide and Rhys - Bells Killcare Winter Wedding.

It was the 25th August, and we where an hour out from the ceremony, and it wouldn’t stop raining. Terrifying thunder struck and there was a blackout during the hair and makeup preps, all the future brides out there reading this- keep your hair on, this story has a happy ending.

All of these could be taken as an omen or sign of bad luck - but not for Adelaide and Rhys e.  This awesome duo exchanged their vows and “I do’s” beneath the grey sky… yes they where a bit soggy, but there ceremony was epic, and one im sure that I, nor their guests will forget.

You know me - I love weddings- you cant do what I do and not love them.(seriously, there is months of preparation, and emails and of course giving up every weekend up to two years in advance!) But I am so blessed to meet so many couples who all have beautiful stories to tell.

Adelaide and Rhys’ story is special too.

It all began with a BBQ

Adelaide and Rhys met at a mutual friend’s house on December 1, 2012. They instantly clicked. “We danced, chatted, drank, and ended up swimming in the ocean at midnight,” the couple said.

Food would prove to play a huge role in the couple’s relationship. They spent their first date eating dinner at a dodgy Thai restaurant that is now one of their favorites. After six months of knowing each other and three months of dating, they moved in together.

“We quickly knew we were in love,” the couple said. “We could talk for hours with a couple of wine. We love good food.”

Aside from sitting for hours and chatting over good food and great wine, Adelaide and Rhys loves spending their time outdoors or on the beach.

 “We are both a little hypo - often have too much energy,” the couple remarked. “We love sport. We love traveling. (Just) anything active.”

Five years later into their relationship, Rhys proposed at Tumbling Waters in Stanwell Tops - a small resort that sits on top of the cliff in the national park. It was the couple’s special place.

“When we arrived, we drank champagne on our balcony,” Adelaide said. “Rhys later got up and said he was going to get us a refill. I was standing at the edge of the balcony looking at the view thinking, ‘Jezz, he’s taking a long time, where’d he go?!”

That was when Adelaide turned around and saw Rhys was behind her, bending on one knee.


Rhys had the ring custom made. The ring has five diamonds to represent the five years of their relationship. The diamonds also come in different sizes to symbolize the couple’s different stages in their relationship. For instance, the biggest diamond in the middle represents their fifth year together and every year after.



Another Great Adventure


Despite the weather mishap, the wedding ceremony and reception was a blast. “Music, wine, and food is important to us,” the couple said. “We want everyone to have fun (in our wedding), including ourselves.”

If there’s anything Adelaide and Rhys could teach us, it’s this: no matter what happens on your wedding day, as long as you marry your one and only, you’re still definitely a winner.




Vendors – Photography: Kendell Tyne || Venue, Reception & Cake: Bells at Killcare || Celebrant: Brittany Turner || Wedding Dress Designer: Marry me Bridal in Mosman || Suits Designer: Gentlemens Club in Chatswood || Bridesmaids Dresses/Store: Rodeo Show || Hair Stylist: Vive Terrigal – Charity || Makeup Artist: Renae Michel || Florist: The Botanical Workshop - Katie Clare ||