Shout out to all the Dads out there!

Fathers Day- that special time of the year to look forward to spring – and celebrate these special men in our lives.


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I am blessed to meet several amazing fathers from all walks of life as a daughter, mother and a lifestyle photographer.  Let me tell you: no father is alike.

All Fathers are different but on the most part- they all have one thing in common: love. As cheesy as it sounds, a father’s love knows no bounds. No matter how old their children are, no matter where they are, they will always continue to love and support them the best way they could. I know this personally- I know that I call my dad in the middle of the night- for any reason he would be there in a heart beat, he has gone above and beyond my whole life- and  I know my husband would do the same for our son.

So don’t hesitate to give them a handwritten card or a little token from the heart. Go out and fish or have a lovely outing on the beach. You can take also them out to a special family dinner, the movies or whatever his jam is. 

Either way, take this opportunity to say thank you and show your love to your father.

Have a great day everyone!