What good are photos on a USB? Enjoy them everyday!

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Make Your Memories Last… in Print

There’s one part of my job that I really love, and that’s when I show a client their session photographs for the first time. There’s an initial moment of angst before they see the photos and then… joy. Their faces break into a massive grin when they see the happy faces of their family smiling back at them.

I present the images to them on a USB stick which is then theirs to keep and do with whatever they’d like. Here’s the thing I’ve noticed though: so many of them simply keep their photos safely stored on their desktops or, even worse, right there on the USB stick! Today I’d like to encourage you to do more with your photos. After all, you have invested the time and energy to create these beautiful images and I think they deserve to be relived over and over again.



Let Your Walls Tell a Story

I’d like you to think about your home. Imagine yourself as a visitor entering your living room for the first time. Have you wondered what the general mood is that greets your guests? Is it warm and loving, inviting and welcoming? Or (eeek) the exact opposite?

One way to infuse your living space with that homely, familial feeling is by adding a personal touch unique to you and your loved ones. How? By adorning your walls and surfaces with personal family photos. This can be overwhelming - I know. Start by thinking about the overall aesthetic of your home - maybe it’s minimalistic and understated, or perhaps luxurious and opulent? Do you have a general color scheme that you’d like to follow? All of these factors come into play when choosing the type of picture prints and layouts to best suit your home.

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Decorating Your Home with Memories

You know your home better than anyone else so you should have a sense of the size and layout limitations you’re working with. I’ll often advise my clients on how to hang their pictures to their best advantage - a 40-inch printed canvas would be too large to hang next to a staircase, for example, as you’d be too close to really capture its full scope. Or how about a close-up portrait of your face right above the dining room table - that could make for awkward dinner parties!



Try These Photo Ideas Today

Stuck on how to display your photos in a meaningful, creative way? Why not try one of these:

-       A display of differently shaped frames on a mantelpiece or shelf in your living room.

-       Think of your home as an art gallery and display your prints against a wall as a living work of art!

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-       One singular enlarged photo - either in print or pressed onto canvas - can serve as an eye-catching focal piece in a room; not to mention an excellent conversation starter.

-       Create a coffee table book of all of your most important memories. What better content could there be than your own life story?



-       And, of course, as the background to your desktop, tablet or cell phone.



Memories You Can Touch

The great thing about photos is that they can help jog the memory along. As the years pass, your memory might become a little hazy. With enlarged tokens to remind you of those special moments literally on hand, you’ll have a physical way to relive those unforgettable moments. They may even become sentimental family heirlooms that get passed down from one generation to the next; with each family member adding their own anecdotes to the story. Never underestimate the power of vivid emotion and shared memories to really bond a family together. Here’s to preserving those cherished memories that last a lifetime!


Want more information and ideas on how to display your images and products/pricing? Read my indepth guide HERE  or watch my video series on how to pick what images to frame.