Kuala Lumpur to Penang, A beautiful Blur- Travel Photographer.

 I decided that one of my main goals for 2015 was education- I wanted to surround myself with role models and make a conscious effort to learn and be influenced by amazing people- whether it be photographers, motivational speakers or just outstanding people in general. The primary reason for the trip to Malaysia was to attend the #athomeworkshops run by amazing photographers, The Robertsons and Jonathan Ong. The workshop was run over two days,  it gave me a chance to not only immerse myself in learning- but also to get to know all the other workshop attendees and hosts. Sometimes a photographers life is a lonely one ( i am not trying to get you to feel sorry for me, but I do spend a lot of time at my computer by myself!) , so to have the chance to be surrounded by other like minded creative people is not only inspiring, but extremely educational. I loved every second of getting to know everyone and hearing there stories and being motivated by there work and wisdom.

Below is a mish mash of images from the the other few days I was away. Starting with Batu Caves (just outside of Kuala Lumpur) then on to Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Center (sorry about the overkill of Elephant images- I kept trying to cull them, and I just couldnt bring myself to....!) I also visited an Orangutan  Sanctuary in Penang which was amazing,  it was suppose to be only a 1 hour trip out there- it took me 5 hours after getting lost, and then dumped in the middle NO where (seriously there was one guy in a food stall and a heap of chickens....) But lucky for me I met some lovely Aussie tourists (that randomly happened to live on the Central Coast!) and they gave me a lift pack to Georgetown...

The other street images are a mix of Kuala Lumpur and George town, Penang. Georgetown is a melting pot of different cultures, smells, flavours and colours. Even though some of the Hawker food was scary, I was lucky to be surrounded by more adventurous and accustomed friends who pointed me in the direction of street food for beginners. I thoroughly enjoyed hustle and bustle and making new long nosed friends-  from the jungle right through to Penangs colonial core. 

A normally dont like pictures of myself- but this photo bomb up'ed the anti. 

and yes that is me giving a baby elephant a bath.... :)