QUEENSTOWN NZ photography workshop with Fer Juaristi | Fershop


Queenstown, its just one of those places in the world that made me wish I had bigger eyes to take the whole thing in with.... the views seems to some how go beyond 360 and had my head swinging around like something from Exorcist.

New Zealand has always been on my list- so when one of my favourite wedding photographers posted he would be running a workshop there my credit card was out quicker than a blink of an eye.

Not long after stepping of the plane and picking my jaw off the floor (you can see the mountains as soon as you get off the plane) I ran around like a crazy woman scouting locations for my first international photo shoot.

I met Saasha, Rob and there gorgeously chubba bubba at the top of Coronet Peak. I am so glad these guys where so laid back, normally when im holding a camera I am totally comfortable and at ease, but to be honest I was so overwhelmed by the landscape I was afraid I was not going to do it justice, however, I got into the swing of it after a little while- it also helped that this little trio happened to be awesome models! Here is a handful of great images we got that day.


The next day I woke up and decided I hadn't had my fill of Coronet so I was up there at Sparrows fart to grab a couple of sunrise snaps. Next stop, after driving through the golden rolling hills of the Cameron Highlands was Lake Wanaka for session number 2.  I met Liam and Gin through some wonderful clients on the Central Coast. They where flying back to there home town in Auckland that afternoon so even though we only managed to squeeze in a mini session- I am really glad I got the chance to meet these two.

That night I got the chance to meet Fer, and the rest of the work-shopppers, during dinner it came to my attention while watching many animated conversations throwing back and forth across the table, it is not really that often I get to surround myself with other photogs, I mean- nurses work with other nurses, tradies work with other tradies, but working as a photographer- it not very often you get to come together in a creative environment, I was so excited for the workshop!


Fer Jurasti has always been a huge inspiration to me,  I am flat out stoked that I had the opportunity to listen and scoop his brains out,  he really is so willing to share his knowledge. He is a wonderfully energetic person who had us cracking up the whole day - he is the original "Mexican monkey!" It was such a brilliant experience being surrounded by so many insightful and creative people. I feel like it was an absolute creative kick in the butt that I needed and I really cant wait to put all my new knowledge into gear.