Hi, I’m Kendell- and I am a story Teller. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but in my humble opinion -Images speak much louder than words.

 I love photography because I have the ability to capture beauty in all stages of life, whether it be the first precious days of a new life, marrying your one and only, through to a grandmother cradling her daughter’s daughter’s daughter. I love meeting new people and bringing their stories to life, I need to connect and get to know my clients personally- spontaneity and naturally beautiful moments is what I live for. (Along with smiles that show way to many teeth) I think everyone is interesting, and I’m inspired by people’s stories

A bit about my work…

  I love sessions that are fast paced, but just as much- I love to slow things down and just people watch and let situations unfold.  Some of my greatest worldwide adventures where had whilst holding a camera. On   “Work Days” (hardly seems like work to me!) You will find me behind my desk editing, travelling to people’s homes and spending time getting to know them and photographing there family, or in the middle of the dance floor at some awesome couples wedding.

A bit about me…

I am based on the beautiful Central Coast NSW. When I’m not taking photos,  you will find me most likely playing with my aborable son Luka, wearing a maxi dress having a backyard bbq, teaching a dance class or spending time with my lovely husband and my very cheeky puppy. I change my hair colour so much my friends and family barely notice anymore. I’m obsessed with orang-utans and elephants (hence the logo!)…. I literally travel the world stalking them.  I am a traveller, a dreamer and funnily- I dream of travelling around the world and photographing people in love.  So now that you know a little bit about me, I would love to get to know you, let me tell your story.

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