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The girl behind the camera

Hi, I’m Kendell- and I am a story Teller. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but in my humble opinion -Images speak much louder than words.

 I love photography because I have the ability to capture beauty in all stages of life, whether it be the first precious days of a new life, marrying your one and only, through to a grandmother cradling her daughter’s daughter’s daughter. I love meeting new people and bringing their stories to life, I need to connect and get to know my clients personally- spontaneity and naturally beautiful moments is what I live for. (Along with smiles that show way to many teeth) I think everyone is interesting, and I’m inspired by people’s stories


10 Snippets about me


1.       Im a lefty- so is my hubby and my son. (we are a kooky bunch)

2.       I am shocking at catching balls. It has something to do with my eyes, but seriously, throw a ball at me I will go cross eyed and get smacked in the face.

3.       I love to dance!!! I still teach dancing now. It is one of my favourite things to do.

4.       I started my full time photography business at 22, my god I have come a long way since then!!

5.       I actually hated photography for most of high school, partly because I didn’t like the teacher, thank goodness I didn’t give up on it completely, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

6.       I was a drama major at Uni ( Although this wouldn’t surprise my husband!)

7.       I am obsessed with Elephants, before I had my son I literally travelled the world literally stalking them

8.       I grew up in the Country, and I mean COUNTRY... in a place called Main Creek (population about 300 people) I came to the Coast just before high school and I LOVE it here!

9.       I have been with my now hubby for 13 years! We started dating just out of school and married in 2011.

10.   My number one career goal is shoot a wedding in Italy, it one of my favorite destinations I have ever been

Now that you know what I am all about, id love to get to know you!